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Are you a veteran, active military, or first responder?

We want to show our appreciation to you for serving our country by offering up to 20% off. Please contact us to receive your discount code with your proof of service.

Monthly Newsletter

We hope these newsletters will be a thrilling addition to your month.  Hear stories and updates of an American ranch family--from cowboys with gentle hearts and rough hands to businessmen and women selling some of the highest quality beef.

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Five Generations

TriTails Premium Beef provides Harrell Cattle Beef.  With over 5 generations of ranching, we know how to raise good beef!  

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Unbelievably Good

"It's unbelievable how good this beef is, such a difference from what you buy at the grocery store. I'm so glad I bought this, as it was worth every penny. The one-pound packages are so convenient and easy to store in the freezer." -Anonymous

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Best Steaks Ever

"I have grilled your steaks for about 8 different people and the same response. Best steak I have ever had. Thanks for the very high quality." -Randy L.

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We are "Steak Snobs" & love TriTails!

"My wife and I made our first steak last weekend, and the steak was fantastic. It was some of the best steak we have ever had, and we are somewhat of "steak snobs", which is the reason for trying your steaks. I would recommend your beef products to anyone looking for a high quality steak." -Tony Z.

Prime it up

More Items Than I ordered

"Great small farm family resource farm to table. Received my first order from them. I ordered 4- 18 ounce prime ribeye steak and some other things. When I received my order I was confused because there were more items than I ordered. Putting away my order I noticed that my 18 ounce prime ribeye steaks were only 16 ounce so to make up for the 8 ounces I didn't get they threw in 2 prime NY strip steaks well worth more than the 8 ounces. Thanks TriTails Beef. Everything I have cooked has been awesome; you can tell from the smell when you are cooking or grilling it, that it is special. Thanks again."- Dave In Ohio

Never had steak so good!

"My grandchildren believe they have never had as good a steak as what we serve from TriTails!" -Carol A.

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Best Beef on the Market

"Your "choice" IS PRIME and your Prime is....... heck, I dunno..... what's above Prime???? Whatevers above THAT, is what yalls Prime is!! BEST DAMN BEEF ON THE MARKET, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Casey Simes

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We Recommend TriTails!

"Ordered and received within 2 Days of being notified that it had shipped. Both me and my husband were very pleased and would definitely recommend tritails beef. Best tasting steak!!" -Michelle L.

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Rockin AF Jewelry

Wanting to look the part of a Cowgirl? Sam's daughter, Faith, Has started a jewelry business. Check out her jewelry!

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TriTails Beef is...

Aged 37 Days
Aged 37 Days

With our unique aging process, our beef bursts with flavor and tenderness.  Seven days dry aged & thirty days wet aged is the least amount of time to reap the most benefits!

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All Natural, USDA Prime & Choice
All Natural, USDA Prime & Choice

Having control of the cattle from pasture to plate, we raise all natural, hormone free, USDA Prime & Choice beef that melts in the mouth!

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Free Shipping over $199
Free Shipping over $199

Our beef is specially shipped in one inch styrofoam boxes.  All our beef is frozen and kept cool with dry ice.  All our packages ship in one to three day shipping Monday-Wednesday.  

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