Free Shipping on orders over $199

How we Ship

TriTails ships its product in well-insulated coolers that are then placed in an outer box. These coolers are loaded with an appropriate amount of dry ice for each delivery. The coolers are taped with a pull tab to make them easy to open. Our shipment that takes 3 or more days are warped with plastic to further ensure the product arrives frozen and intact. Due to the nature of the product and the reliability of UPS, we only ship at the start of the week (read shipping days). We don't want you receiving a thawed product.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a great way for your product to arrive frozen. It is an extremely cold product and should be appropriately handled. Make sure to read the caution label on the front of every box. Important: We use a computer program to calculate the specific amount of dry ice we need to ship every week. This is done Monday morning, right before we pick up the ice. We are not able to pick up more ice throughout the week.

Shipping Days

We ship all orders made before Monday at 5 AM that Monday and Tuesday.

Orders made Monday after 5 AM and Tuesday will either be shipped that week with any extra ice until depleted. If no more dry ice exists, orders will be shipped the following week.

No matter what, orders made Tuesday after 4 PM will be shipped the following week.

Upgraded Shipping

If you would like to Upgrade to one or two-day air, you must call in to make your order. The order will be shipped the following day. These orders must be made before Thursday. We do not ship Friday-Sunday.


Not all, but some holidays will prevent us from shipping. This is due to UPS being closed a day or more during the week. Occasionally during holidays, like Christmas, we loose our insurance on shipping and won't ship. This policy stems from the chaos of UPS during these times.

Very rarely, we need a holiday ourselves. There are only five employees running a ranch and this business.

We will make all closures very clear. All orders made during a hiatus will be shipped the week of our reopening.