2 lbs Sliced Picanha (Coulottes) Steaks

"I thought filets were my favorite, but our picanha is my new favorite! It is truly an exquisite taste even for the beef aficionado." -Mary Harrell, Owner's wife

Picanha, also known as Coulottes, is a Brazilian style steak. Hard to find, this top sirloin cap is leaner with a thin fat cap for flavor. This triangular 2-2.5 lbs cut produces 3-5 steaks. This package has 2 lbs of cut picanha.  These steaks range from 6-10 oz each.   It takes a bit of preparation but is well worth the work.

It is said that if the Ribeyes are the king of steaks, Picanha is the queen. When we first tried this cut, its texture was a combination of filets and ribeyes. If you are searching for tender, delectable, unique steak, look no farther!

Steaks include:

  • 2 lbs Sliced Picanha

Need a recipe?  Check out our blog for two ways of cooking

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