Choice Filet Special-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC
Choice Filet Special-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC


Choice Filet Special

The filet or tenderloin is the highest sought-after cut of meat on the cow. The filet is one of the least worked muscle groups in the cow and is revered for its tenderness. When you hear about steak melting in your mouth, this is it. The thing that makes our tenderloin impeccable is our marbling compared to other filets. This high marbling is not easily accomplished and takes diligence and patients on the side of the rancher. Cattle need to be kept happy and fed a highly nutritional diet. You won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on a TriTails filet. Don’t hesitate to buy yourself some filets as we often find them selling out quickly.

  • Cast Iron Worthy
  • Grill worthy
  • Reverse Sear
  • Tender
  • Fancy
  • Perfect for pairing with wine

    This includes individual steak:

    • 10 x 8 oz Choice Filets

    All our beef is individually vacuum-packed and delivered frozen so you can order plenty in advance of eating it.