2 lbs Sliced Picanha (Coulottes) Steaks-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC


2 lbs Sliced Picanha (Coulottes) Steaks

"I thought filets were my favorite, but our picanha is my new favorite! It is truly an exquisite taste even for the beef aficionado." -Mary Harrell, Owner's wife

Picanah has recently become popular in America after getting its start in Brazil. This steak comes from the rump portion of the cow and is a high-end version of the sirloin steak. What makes this steak so unique is the fat cap that is left on the steak. You can think of this as similar to the N.Y. Strip in that you can now render fat into the steak. Although this cut is similar to the sirloin, it also comes from a more specific region of the cow that is more tender and flavorful. Picanha can be cooked like any other steak, but some fantastic recipes and cooking methods out there are worth looking up.

  • Grill worthy
  • Main course
  • Beer Worthy
  • Unique

    Steaks include:

    • 2 lbs Picanha (2x 1lbs steaks)

    Need a recipe?  Check out our blog for two ways of cooking