Connor’s Steak Seasoning

Posted by Helen Harrell on

We love a good dry rub on our steaks. When Connor cooks for the family, he loves to make his own seasoning. Here is his rub recipe for one steak. 

3 t salt 

2 t pepper 

2 t paprika 

1 t onion powder 

1 t oregano 

1 t garlic 


  1 t brown sugar 

  1 t cayenne 

Salt your steak about an hour before adding the rest of the dry rub. Salt pulls water out of the beef and continues the dry aging affect. If you add all the ingredients at once, it tends to create a sloppy mess and it does not turn out as well.  After salting and when you’re ready to sear the steaks, simply mix all other ingredients and rub it into the beef. For an extra sweet and spicy combo, mix the cayenne and brown sugar into your rub  

For best results, don’t make a large jar for storage, but make it every time you cook. Fresh pepper is so much better than stale pepper. We recommend using the whole peppercorn and ground using a grinder or mortar and pestal. 

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