Petite Tender-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC


Petite Tender

I usually do not write descriptions from a personal viewpoint, but I will with this cut. The petite tender is a cut that most people, including myself, have never heard of. It is described online as being as tender as a filet for half the price. I personally did not find this to be true. It is a cut more on the tender side but not as tender as our filets, maybe compared to other beef distributors, but not ours. I thought it had great flavor and a good texture. It seemed to me that this would be an excellent steak for sandwiches. I cut one up and made steak and eggs, which was out of this world. We will sell this at a lower price as some cuts must be trimmed, mainly just a little silver skin.

Important: As stated above you may have to trim some silver skin of these steaks.

Our petite tender cuts come in varying weights and will be sold by the pound.