Our Story

In 1917, established rancher, Edd Harrell, bought part of the JA Ranch and formed the Harrell Ranch in Armstrong County, Texas. Through the years, the ranch has survived mother nature, economic booms & busts, and thrived with technological advancements. We can credit this to our land management practices earning us the Lone Star Land Steward Award. Today one hundred years later, Sam Harrell leads the ranch in the production of cattle, dry-land corn, hay, milo, and wheat.

Sam always knew he wanted to be a rancher. After completing TCU Ranch Management School, Sam came back to the ranch to work side-by-side with his dad. 


The quality of TriTails' beef says it all!

In 2017, Sam decided he wanted to expand his operations to ensure the Harrell Ranch would be passed to future generations. Sam has worked to improve the quality of his herd sired from top-quality Black Angus bulls and good land stewardship.

Now, TriTails Premium Beef, LLC is part of the Harrell Ranch. Sam chooses to sell his beef directly to the public to cut out the middle-man. Our mission is to deliver consistent, high-quality beef from our ranch in the Texas Panhandle directly to your door. TriTails’ beef is full of flavor, tender, and in the top percentage of premium beef available on the market today.

 Sam’s commitment to excellence  and quality allows his top-tier beef to be  available naturally without additives and hormones, and it is aged to perfection.