Need help figuring out what steak to buy? Is it time to try something new or stick with the old favorite? It may be your first time even considering the cut you want. No worries! We understand the overwhelming decision of making a great buying decision. Although you will be satisfied with all of our cuts at TriTails, here are a few pointers to help you.

If you're looking for tender:

The ultimate decision for a tender steak will be the tenderloin filet. For most, the filet is a treat-yourself steak or an impress-your-significant-other-on-date-night steak. It is by far the most tender melt-in-your-mouth cut with exceptional flavor. It is an expensive cut as the tenderloin is a small portion of the cow. However, compared to other premium online beef distributors, our prices compete.

If the tenderloin is too expensive, I recommend our ribeye for a tender cut. It has tremendous marbling content, giving that melt-in-your-mouth feeling.

If you're looking for easy-to-cook:

Cooking a steak right is going to take a little practice. My first word of advice is not to get discouraged and keep trying. Stay consistent with the same cut and cooking method (I.E., grill, cast iron, etc.). Try a cut like the ribeye or sirloin. A thick cut like the N.Y. Strip will be more complex to cook consistently (I.E., Medium rare) from one end to the other.

If you want beefy and juicy:

Bone-in steaks are a bad thing, right? WRONG! Bone in steaks are the best steaks for locking in flavor and juices. The Bone keeps moisture in the steak during cooking, adding a lot of flavor. I highly recommend a T-Bone or Porterhouse to any steak connoisseur.

The N.Y. Strip is also a great cut when it comes to beefy and juicy. It is cut on the thicker side and has a fat cap. The fat cap adds a lot of flavor, and when cooked correctly, juices get trapped in the thickness of the cut.

If you want a lean cut:

Fat content can be confusing as there are different kinds of fat on a steak. The intermuscular fat, often called marbling, is highly sought after in all cuts. Marbling is what adds flavor and tenderness to a steak. At TriTails, we are masters of this in all our cuts. Fat caps are usually the thing that is off-putting to some people. A fat cap is a bit of pure fat left on the steak to eat or add to assist in the cooking process.

Okay, to answer the question. If losing weight is your goal, almost all dietitians will tell you to eat top sirloin. If you want lean but tender and flavorful, go for a Filet.

If you have no clue:

I would tell you to buy a Ribeye. It is the perfect mix of flavor, tenderness, and ease of cooking. It is our best-selling steak and my personal favorite behind the porterhouse.