B-Stock Box-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC

B-Stock Box

At TriTails, we hold a very high standard to the quality of product that you are receiving. Sometimes we encounter a steak that does not meet our company's standards. Now you can buy these steaks at a discounted rate. These steaks may have these issues:

  • The steak is in our opinion below its grading level. For instants, a prime looks choice.
  • The steak is cut incorrectly.
  • The steak is trimmed incorrectly.
  • Steak is an end piece.
  • Not packaged correctly, such as steak turned sideways (We will not sell anything with torn packaging.)

By buying this box, you are agreeing to purchase steaks of lesser quality. We will not refund anything from these boxes or replace anything.

This box includes: 

  • 15 pounds of beef sold at $10 a Pound
  • New B-Stock Box includes cuts such a flat iron, petite tender, sirloin,¬†chuck rib, roast...¬†For cuts such a ribeye, strips, filets, and porterhouse check out our other b-stock boxes.