April 2023

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New Horse

She has been hard at work for most of her life, and after putting in those long hours, she is looking forward to those golden years. Time to kick up and relax with a view. Plenty of early bird specials and maybe even a little shuffle board. Okay, perhaps it's a little hard to play shuffle board with horseshoes and no thumbs, but there is plenty of grass and hay to eat. You made it to retirement, Pepper, and you deserve to kick back. You are one amazing horse.

Not only was I new to the cowboy scene I was also new to horseback riding. When I arrived at the ranch, I immediately started learning to ride on Pepper. I like to think that I picked up riding quite quickly. I was galloping and pushing cattle in no time. It wasn’t until later that I realized that my skills may have been more of Pepper and not so much myself. After hopping on Faith's horse Lariat, I was all over the place like a baby taking its first steps!

When it comes time for a horse in the crew to retire, there is room for fresh blood. For us, this time started to approach, and we reluctantly said we got to start going to horse sales. Faith told her father about an upcoming horse sale in Amarillo, and the three, Sam, Aaron, and her, set off to find a new ride for the ranch.

After seeing hundreds of horses, the three finally saw their new match. A young male named Little Dunn. After no hesitation, he was bought and loaded into a trailer. Once at the ranch, he instantly became a great fit getting along with all the horses, including Pepper.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done with a horse that is only three years old. One thing that was instantly noticed was how he did not respond well to the reins. This was probably the result of whoever had broken him. It will be a process to correct this, but a task that Aaron is up to.

Other than that, he has been a great horse. There may not have been a whole lot of adventure or workings yet with Little Dunn, but he is definitely showing a lot of promise. Seeing the process of new life being brought on to the ranch brings a smile to my face. That and Pepper will get to enjoy the latter part of her life. I genuinely love working for an American ranch.


Prayer Requests

You can feel free to disregard this part of the newsletter, but we always need prayers. Please do not think we are asking you to only pray for us but rather just add these things to the things you already pray for. We really appreciate and believe in this.

  • We are in need of a good rain shower.

Thank You so much, and don’t hesitate to let us know if we can pray for you.

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