B-Stock Filet-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC


B-Stock Filet

At TriTails, we hold a very high standard to the quality of product that you are receiving. Sometimes we encounter a steak that does not live up to our company's standards. Now you can buy these steaks at a discounted rate. These steaks may have these issues:

  • The steak is in our opinion below its grading level. For instants, a prime looks choice.
  • The steak is cut incorrectly.
  • Not packaged correctly, such as steak turned sideways (We will not sell anything with torn packaging.)

This box includes:

(20x) 6-8oz Prime or Choice Filets (B-Stock)

By buying this box, you are agreeing to purchase steaks of lesser quality. We will not refund anything from these boxes or replace anything.