T-Bone Steak-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC
T-Bone Steak-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC

T-Bone Steak

These guys are perfect with a beer. The Porterhouse and the T-bone come from the Short Loin portion of the cow. They are identified as almost the same cut. They are both bone in N.Y. strips, but they hang out so close to the Tenderloin that a filet is on the other side of that bone. The difference is that the porterhouse has a much more significant amount of Filet than the T-Bone. The porterhouse will have the whole 8 oz of the Filet, and the T-Bone will have 1 to 4 oz. These also have the advantage of being bone-in products. The bone is good, holding in juices and keeping the beef tender. Do you know why you love ribs? It's because it is close to the bone, being kept tender and juicy.

  • Grill worthy
  • Cast iron worthy
  • Main course
  • Beer Worthy
  • Large Cut

    This cut is:

    •  Choice T-Bone Steak OR  Prime T-Bone 18-22oz

    (NOTE: Filets vary in size refer to porterhouse for full size filet)