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Steak Cut Of the Month

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The steak of the month is the top sirloin, and that's for a good reason. Over the past year and a half, I have found myself lifting weights at my home gym. It has become a passion for me, especially since I can no longer ski or bike as much as I would like. It passes the time and challenges my body in a healthy way. Although I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am leaning toward the body-building aspect of lifting. As a result of my goals, my protein intake and food intake, in general, have skyrocketed. In the fitness world, this is labeled as a bulk. My strength exploded, partly due to the large amount of 16 oz ribeyes I was eating.

How is this all connected to the sirloin steak, you may ask yourself? For every bodybuilder (or bodybuilder wanna-be), there comes a time when the bulk must end. After seeing the love handles (if you know what I mean) reach an excess, I knew that it was time to cut off that weight. This process is unfortunately and dreadfully known as a cut. Something that I was not looking forward to for the past year. However, it was time, and I had one secret weapon up my belt to help me: the sirloin steak.

The sirloin steak is known as a lean steak with little fat. If you match it with a healthy diet, it might be one of the best steaks for losing weight.

We can look at some nutritional facts here:

The 16 oz Ribeye

-Calories 1320

-Total fat 98g

-Protein 108g


The 16 oz Top Sirloin

-Calories 962

-Total Fat 51g

-Protein 123g

As one can see, the top sirloin has more protein, fewer calories, and less fat than the Ribeye. One can observe this just by looking at the steak, as there is less fat and intermuscular fat.

The other advantage of the Top Sirloin is the price per pound. It is one of the cheapest steaks around. That, however, does not mean that the steak's taste will disappoint; at least with TriTails, the taste tops other sirloins. I remember the steaks that my dad would cook growing up. He was a stockbroker and bought all his steaks from the store. These steaks, often ribeyes, were chewy and not very exciting to eat. I can say with confidence that those ribeyes were more chewy than our sirloin steaks.

Having embarked on my cut phase about two weeks ago, I've noticed some changes. I feel less bloated and my overall mood has improved. However, I've also experienced fatigue and a decrease in strength during my gym sessions. This balance between the benefits and challenges of a cut and a bulk is a crucial aspect of a weightlifting lifestyle. If you are interested in more about health and fitness you should read our edition 5 newsletter linked -> here.

Cow of the Month

-Not the smartest
-Always hungry
-Has lot of lady friends
-Is currently undergoing a hair loss treatment for his bald spot
-Spends lots of time at the gym


Dad Joke

-As I get older I like stairs less and less.

Their always up to something


Picture Of The Month

Photo by: Faith Harrell



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