The Cowboy Corner: Edition 3 Vol1.

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JANUARY 20. 2024

  1. Doggo Story
  2. Ranch Update

Doggo Stories Explained

As mentioned in the old newsletters, we are dog fanatics. We have three families involved at the ranch with a total of eleven dogs; That's right, eleven. Here's a quick update for those who are new to the Newsletter. Living on the ranch, we have 5 Basset Hounds. Lucy and Budro are the oldest out of all the dogs. There are two out of their litters still living with us--Tank and Dog (dee-O-gee in an Italian accent). We have another basset from outside the family of Lucy and Budro named Waylen. From there, we also have two Great Perraniese named Bear and Oakley, and a mutt named Ollie who looks like a German Shepherd mix. We have three rescue mutts off the ranch named Oscar, Bud Dog, and Stella.


As you can imagine, these dogs are a big part of our lives. There is almost always some story going on between the eleven of them. That is why I plan on making them a part of our newsletters. Living on the ranch as a dog, you have to be tough. There is always some trouble that our furry friends are getting into. They all have different personalities, but one thing is certain: they all love being ranch dogs. Look out in the future for Doggo adventures.


Ranch Update

The purpose of the Ranch Updates is to give a quick overview of the happenings on the ranch.


This week, we have experienced quite a bit of precipitation. Most of it came in a steady rain a few days ago. It was enough to cause some havoc, muddying the roads and fields. We saw several vehicles getting stuck, and areas became inaccessible. Unfortunately, the growing season for our grass has not started yet.  However, as Sam says "an inch of rain in the winter is equivalent to three inches in the summer." Thus, the rain was appreciated especially to help grow our wheat crop. 

In other news, yearling is a term for cattle that are in that awkward teenage state. If you still need to put it together, these cattle are around one year old. It is important to ensure that these cattle are healthy and gaining weight. Due to this, they have a pasture all on their own. Wintertime is an important season for them, and the herd is given hay to grow healthy. This hay grows on our ranch, and I am excited to announce that the hay is doing its job. Along with grazing the pasture, the herd is healthy and will make excellent cattle.

Lastly, from this week, we were in need of some horses. It turns out that our newest horse, Little Dunn, decided to knock up not just one but all of our mares on the ranch. As a result, we have bought two new geldings. We are hoping to get them acquainted with their new family and put them to work soon. Don't worry, it's not all work; they are happy to be living in our little bit of paradise.

Picture of the Week

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