Beef for the Brain: How does Beef affects the Brain?

Posted by Helen Harrell on

We want to share with you the importance of consuming red meat & what we do to take care of the environment.  

    Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, cooked red meat was an important factor to the expansion of the human brain.  The vitamins and minerals in beef are known to help make children smarter and adults sharper.  Don't believe us?  Research!  Here are some articles we found:
Smaller Stomachs, Bigger Brains by Harvard Health
Beef made us smarter by NPR
Brain Food: Clever Eating by Nature

   Google "Beef for the Brain," what comes up?  For us, Iowa Beef Bureau pops up stating that humans require 3 micrograms of b12 per day for optimal brain function.   For every 3 oz red meat, there is 1.5 micrograms b12.  B12 is required in the body for healthy nerves, brain function, and DNA synthesis; it can be found in many meats but beef is the highest contender.  B12 is not the only nutrient found in red meat; it includes iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins D & B6, riboflavin, and many others

   Though many plants have similar nutrients as beef & meat, they are in much smaller amounts and not readily available.  The amount of vegetables needed to consume the nutrients in beef is astounding.  (Check the article linked above for this comparison.) 

NOTE: we do encourage a balanced diet with beef, fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients.  In fact, if you're one who sometimes has a hard time consuming beef, eat some blueberries during your meal!  Blueberries have natural enzymes that break beef down.  

   TriTails Premium Beef's goals is to take care of the land, animals, and people.  We believe that by being good stewards of the land & animals, the land & animals will take good care of us.  We do this by rotation of crops & pastures, using equipment responsibly, brush control, and shade & water for our animals.  Same for you, our customers.  We want to take good care of you!

   As a small, family owned and operated ranch to table operation, we owe you, our customers, a big thank you!  Thank you for continuing to support us on our pursuit to become your beef provider.  Because of you, our current stock is starting to run low, but we have fresh beef coming soon!