4 lbs Prime Tomahawk-TriTails Premium Beef, LLC


4 lbs Prime Tomahawk

This steak is the showstopper at any party. The "Fred Flintstone steak," as my dad calls it, is so large it can feed up to four people. However, even with the size of the steak, the real treat is the flavor and juiciness of the steak. The juiciness is acquired through simple means. Bone, left, on!! What this does is it seals in part of the steak where juices would generally escape. You also never throw away the bone before gnawing the meat off of it first. The best stuff is always close to the bone, and let's face it, your wife already compares you to a caveman anyway.

These Tomahawks are not frenched, meaning all the rib portion of the meat is still on the bone!  (Meaning, they will be a bit fatty)

 - Package includes 1 large Tomahawk of either Prime or Choice 4-5 lb tomahawk.

  • U.S.D.A. Prime or Choice:  High quality, superb marbling.
  • Bone-in products are dry-aged 7 days followed by 18 to 21 days wet-aged, creating the amazing flavor profile and tenderness of the meat.
  • Vacuum packed and delivered frozen